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Venus.  In love, Venus means so very much.  She is a key player in a relationship, reaching out in companionship and looking for comfort and appreciation.  Venus is quite indulgent and can be manipulative in certain situations.  She is one of the benefic planets and in the natal chart, her aspects show how her energies are used in a personality.  In a relationship, Venus aspects show how love flows between the partners.

Venus is the goddess of love.  Her nature in love is to bring two people together out of affinity and harmony.  She wants to increase--to form a larger whole that is created by combining the energy of two people.  It is not necessarily sexual love that Venus is after, although Venus is a very important part of sexuality.  Venus wants to merge, to form a spiritual, timeless bond.  The creation of a relationship is a Venusian process.  Venus's role in sexuality is that of the siren...the mermaid on the rocks calling out to her sailor.  She is the attractor--she seduces with her charm.  Her magnetic allure sings to the soul of the person whose planets are in aspect to her.  When Venus lets down her hair, Mars, Saturn and Pluto all come running...they want to possess her, and she will allow it if the spiritual connection is there.

The Duality of Venus:
Venusian expressions of Taurus and Libra

in Love, Sex, Relationships, and Magick
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Titian's Venus Anadyomene (1525)
We hear so much about the self-indulgence and laziness of Venus, but Venus is also quite involved in sacrifice in order to please her partner.  As Venus rules two signs of the zodiac--Taurus and the Second house, and Libra and the Seventh house--it is readily apparent just how important Venus is.  Venus is quite dual in nature. 

In the sign of Taurus, self-worth issues come to the fore.  Losing and gaining confidence in the self is reflected in the second house and in the aspects Venus makes in the natal and synastry charts.  In the natal chart, hard aspects to Venus can denote just how difficult it is to gain self-worth, depending on the planets involved.  For instance, Venus in the second house opposing Saturn in the eighth house is a very difficult position for a person.  The achilles heel of this configuration can plague the person for a very long time, perhaps the entire life.  The importance of money as a factor of self-worth would be quite prominent. Yet, if the individual with such a hard aspect learns to work with the energy, this same aspect can be a blessing!  Through experience, inner contemplation, and spiritual growth, Saturn and Venus together makes for tremendous opportunity.  This person could rise above the negativity and learn to love his or her self and in the process gain the very monetary security he or she spent half the life reaching for. 

The greed and possessiveness of the Taurean side of Venus slips easily into the airy, give-it-all-away side of Libra.  This is the duality I mentioned previously.  The earthy Taurus concentrating on the self and learning to move past materialism flows into the Libran value of relationship.  The materialism is still there in Libra, but it is expressed in such a different way.  Taurus wants and needs possessions to feel materially secure and to boost self-esteem.  Libra wants the material aspects of life in order to please the partner and to have free time to indulge in creative pursuits.  There are many similarities in both of the Venusian ruled signs, yet the concentration is so very different.  Libra will literally give his or herself away to create harmony.  It is extremely important to the Libran side of Venus to be well-received and loved.  Sacrifices will be made for the partner, but never forget how demanding the Libran side of Venus may become when the partner fails to appreciate her natural grace, her beauty, her giving and her intelligence.  She won't stay in a one-sided relationship for long.  Libra demands equality and balance.  She will give as long as she is receiving in return. She will give without recompense for quite a while, but she will expect reciprocation after some time and if it isn't forthcoming, she will be away, singing to another soul.

Ancient Wisdom and the Magickal essence of Venus

Venus is the primary focus of love magick and one of the main vibrations used in sex magick.  It is not my intention here to go in any depth into the practice of magick, which must be practiced with caution and safety at all times.  Magick must take into account the good of all involved and should not be used in any negative manner whatsoever.

Venusian candle magick is often used to send harmonious vibrations and loving support to those in our lives who need it.  One of the most potent times to work with Venusian energy is during the Waxing Moon.  Waxing Moons are best for the growth of love, fertility, planting, and increasing creativity.  A Waxing Moon in Libra or Taurus is the best time to send up love, although love is always welcome!  The primary colors of Venus are Pink and Green.  The primary colors of Taurus are earthy dark yellows, creams, and greens.  The primary colors of Libra are pink, light yellow, peach, and blue.

Venus's day of the week is Friday.

Venus's planetary hours, using a system from sunset to sunrise (assuming the sun sets at 6 pm--times must be adjusted to fit the current times of sunrise and sunset):

Sunday:     7pm and 2 am
Monday:    11pm
Tuesday:    8pm and 3am
Wednesday:  Midnight
Thursday:   9pm and 4am
Friday:       6pm and 1am
Saturday:  10pm and 5am

Venus's Gems:

Taurus:  Emerald, Turquoise
Libra:     Coral, Lapis lazuli, Opal

Venus's Oils and Scents:

Taurus:  Bergamot, Geranium, Lilac, Rose, Verbena
Libra:     Magnolia, Marjoram, Peppermint, Raspberry, Rose

Venus's Trees:

Apple, Avocado, Birch, Coconut, Myrtle, Peach.

Taurus's Trees: Apple and Cypress
Libra's Trees:  Ash and Poplar

Where Venus feels most at home:

Taurus: Ireland, particularly Dublin; Cyprus; Switzerland; Palermo, Italy, Germany
Libra:    Copenhagen, Denmark; Frankfurt, Germany; Argentina; Upper Egypt; Canada; and Japan.

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