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Intuitive Evolutionary Karmic Astrologer

Services & Offerings

Personal,  Confidential, 100% Private Astrological Consulting

Specializing in Karmic Relationships & Spiritual/Evolutionary Life Path Astrology

I answer all email personally and provide my clients with personal attention and care. Read about me - see my own chart

I am currently accepting clients on a very select basis. Please email me directly and include what you are interested in working on together, including whether it is karmic past life or present life only.  Share some of your situation with me so I can consider your needs and determine if I can be of service.

My fees range from $175 - $450.

Follow up consultations with existing clients remains $100 for an hour consultation. Contact me directly to schedule. I am currently  scheduling for Friday and Saturday appointments only.

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Dena L Moore - Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, & Metatron Channel
New Testimonial!

Hello Dena,

Just a few words to tell you my gratitude for the karmic reading via Messenger and all the good work you have done for me in preparation for this meeting. I rarely experienced such an intense and powerful experience before. Our deep and meaningful exchanges opened my eyes on the roots of my current issues and gave me matter to ponder for a long time. I feel I am healing through that knowledge. You really have an amazing gift! Your generosity of spirit is refreshing in this world and truly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Initial KARMIC Relationship or Personal Karma (Soul Path)Astrology Consultation for New Clients (or returning clients who are requesting a karmic consultation with another person):

2+ hours $450 for one or two people, includes the karmic soul study of 2 natal charts, the synastry chart, the composite chart, and any further charts needed. Includes detailed past life information and how it is affecting the current relationship. Answers to any questions you may have and discusson about your unique situation, relationship, the karmic challenges, and movement of the relationship with insight into the soul purpose of the connection. For individual karma, the focus will be on the Soul Path and how the past is affecting the present life. We can discuss any area of life and you can ask any questions you'd like. I work in a conversational format and each consultation is adapted to each client's individual needs.

New Testimonial!

Dena set me at my ease at the beginning of the consultation. I was struck immediately by her warmth, kindness and consideration. This gentle approach made the power of what followed all the more striking as Dena trotted out reams of past life information that was breath-taking in its ability to help me join up the dots with present day circumstances.

Dena did not attempt to make predictions and I wouldn’t have wanted her to. What mattered was that since processing all the information from the reading, I am gaining the kind of peace that comes with understanding. I feel like I can relax inwardly for the first time in years. I’m not so crazy after all and there was a reason for everything. No matter what now unfolds, I feel there has been a profound healing for me and I cannot ever thank Dena enough. I will definitely be rescheduling.

This lady is mighty generous in sharing the information that comes through her and as far as I’m concerned she is a gift to the world. Thank you so much Dena!”

VC, United Kingdom


Thank you' are two words in the English language which are meant to convey appreciation and gratitude for service rendered or assistance given.  In this instance, they in no way can convey the overwhelmed, amazed and happy state of my heart and mind on receiving and reading your sexual compatibility reading. Your ability and accuracy in highlighting the positives, the possible pitfalls, the character of the individuals concerned, getting into their strengths, fears, innermost desires and hopes, your true and positive guidance about now and the future, your strong yet caring, intelligent readings, covering all aspects of relationships, are so accurate in detail,deeply inspiring and above all: PRACTICAL and HELPFUL!" 

CK, Australia

"Talking" with you on your one on one online chat service is so real, so
immediate, so 'right there'.  Its as if youre steadying hand is reaching out to offer me support while we have a cup of coffee together. It feels close as if we are together and you have known me a long time. You offer comfort as if we are friends, yet you are mpre .  Its like you have the wisdom of the ages within you which you offer in a gentle, yet direct way,  You are a mentor, a teacher, a guide and most generously a sharer of wisdom which can and does benefit me, in my most important relationship, and my day to day dealings.

You instantly identify issues in my life and you offer forthright wisdom

objectively, Your wisdom is a gift which I use as a practical "tool" in my

relationship.  The touch of your steadying hand stays with me long after our chat is done.

CK, Australia
Lovely comments from my clients about my work:

"Hi Dena,

Thanks so much for the karmic reading and free yearly forecast. I needed a few days to read it a few times and reflect on your advice. Each time I read your synastry reading, I have a new realization or awareness about the relationship.

I've been looking for a more spiritual and meaningful astrological reading for quite a while and your insights and style of writing appealed to me a lot.

I must admit that I wasn't sure at first whether it was possible to do a past life reading without any direct contact. I never expected that you would be able to pinpoint so accurately the recurring fears and emotions between us. You did an amazing job with the reading."

SC, Hong Kong

I've had readings with lots of readers, and can assure you that Dena is spot on with whatever the situation is. She won't tell you what you simply want to hear, but the truth. I am a "regular" with her. Finally, someone who is genuine! 


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