Live Astrology readings and astrological counseling with Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer Dena L Moore, specializing in Love, Karma, Sex, and relationships
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Venus Illuminated...Gifts for the Soul offers Spiritual Jewelry, Crystal Journey Candles, all natural bath products, Spell and Ritual Candles,  and more!
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Through Night's Fire Astrology was established in July, 2001

Copyright July 2001 - 2014
All Rights Reserved

Through Night's Fire Astrology is written, designed, and maintained by Dena L Moore.

"Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will."

~ Aleister Crowley

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Dangerous Love, Sacred Love: The Dance of Saturn & Neptune in Karmic Love Relationships. A Karmic book of love by Dena L Moore
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Through Night's Fire Astrology is dedicated to exploring love, karma, and relationship. Karmic Astrology, Karmic Relationships, Karmic Synastry, Compatibility, Love Compatibility, Sexual Compatibility, Relationship Astrology
Full Moon Rituals
a new ritual for every New & Full Moon ~ since 2002

written by Dena L Moore of Through Night's Fire Astrology & Venus Illuminated Metaphysical Gifts & Lasa Fine Jewelry & Luxury Gifts

Notice: After writing and offering the rituals for over 12 years, I am discontinuing this service. This decision was reached after 1 1/2 years of contemplation and was not made lightly. The July 2014 New Moon Ritual will be the last offered. I may compile the rituals into book form in the future, when I am able. Many thanks to everyone who has supported me in my work and especially to those who have enjoyed using the rituals. Many blessings to all. Dena
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All candles in my kits are 100% natural food-grade vegetable or soy wax, reiki-charged, and scented with essential oils, all stones in my ritual kits are reiki-charged, all herbs are wild-harvested or certified organic, and all incense is handrolled. I am now including muslin drawstring bags with the kits to create a mojo.

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July 2014 Full Moon in Capricorn Rituals - choices below

All Rituals are written and copyrighted by Dena L Moore

Purchase separately for immediate download. If you miss the link to return to the site and receive the ritual, email me and I will send it to you. If you try to purchase more than one at a time you will not be able to download immediately.

July 14, 2014 - See a FREE Ritual Sample

Powers of Venus Attracting (enhancing) Love Ritual
To attract a lover or enhance a current love relationship

Ritual Only
Ritual Kit
Wish Ritual
Making your dreams come true

This Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual is to help us to make our dreams come true in a manner fitting with our personal desires and the good of others. It will help us hear the celestial music and tune into the universe in a positive, loving manner…while we are connected so fully, we can receive personal messages to help us along our path and make our life easier.
Ritual Only
Ritual Kit
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