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Dena, I  just wanted to thank you for my Soul Path reading. Throughout my life I have been very skeptical towards previous life readings, psychics, clairvoyants or anything along those lines. However when a friend of mine had her reading done by you I must say I became very interested. Well I was shocked and amazed when I received my reading. It is hard for me to explain what I felt after reading it, but so many questions I had about myself were answered, why I do certain things, why I am who I am, things that I have been so unsure of for so long. You have helped me in ways that only a few people in my life have been able too and I am sincerely grateful. I am looking forward to having more readings done in the future.

C.F  , Burlington, VT USA
"Dear Dena,
Words will never do justice to the gratitude that my heart holds for you. I read your interpretation of my soul's path...and it brought me to tears. Not only because it was so accurate, but because I was glancing at these lives and "remembering" if you will all that my soul had experienced...

Thank you will forever stay in my prayers."

FC, Florida, USA
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Metatron's Cube
I found the Soul Path reading enabled me to see important parts of some of my past lives, shedding light over recurring behavior and relationship patterns that I am working to improve.  It was a precious tool in my extensive route towards self-knowledge.  Caution: it is not for the faint-hearted!

Thanks to your psychic gifts, I was taken on a tour of some past lives’ relationships I had with someone who is performing an important role in my present life.  This enabled me to have a much clearer view of the scenario, improving behavior patterns of former relationships in this life and having a more judicious basis for decision-making towards the person in question.

SC, Brazil
Karmic Synastry Reading
Past life Relationship Astrological Reading with Dena

Make the most of your relationship, grow closer, understand one another on the deepest level possible!

Approximately 16+  integrated pages  - allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Karmic Synastry ~ Past Life Relationship In-depth Written Astrology Readings
My specialty!  You won't find anything like my Karmic Past Life Relationship Reading elsewhere in the world!

Channeled, Handwritten, and interpreted by Dena L Moore

Comment! about a complete Karmic Synastry Reading
"Hi Dena,

Thanks so much for the karmic reading and free yearly forecast. I needed a few days to read it a few times and reflect on your advice. Each time I read your synastry reading, I have a new realization or awareness about the relationship.

I've been looking for a more spiritual and meaningful astrological reading for quite a while and your insights and style of writing appealed to me a lot.

I must admit that I wasn't sure at first whether it was possible to do a past life reading without any direct contact. I never expected that you would be able to pinpoint so accurately the recurring fears and emotions between us. You did an amazing job with the reading."

SC, Hong Kong
with Dena L Moore, Intuitive Evolutionary International Astrologer

Dena L Moore - Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, & Metatron Channel

Channeled, Handwritten, and Interpreted Karmic Astrology Readings
& Online Karmic One-on-One Consultations with Dena L Moore

My Karmic Past Life Astrological Readings are handwritten and then typed and delivered via Email.  I use in-depth astrological research combined with intuition and channeling to provide information to help you understand where you have been, where you are now, and the direction your soul is currently taking.  I offer insight and advice on how to overcome difficult karma and create a more fully positive current life for yourself as well as the opportunity to experience a karmic healing to help you release the energy faster and easier.

I DO OFFER PAST LIFE DETAILS, not simply generalities. Examples of which I may be able to provide are place & year of birth (marriage, or other important date), your name, your occupation, your relationships, and more.  I channel this information through intense study (several week's worth) of your birth chart.  Please read what others have to say about these readings here

Karmic Astrology ~ Past Life Individual & Relationship Consultations
Live, Online One-on-one Past Life Astrology Chat with Dena via Skype Chat. I do not offer voice or video readings. All readings are type/chat only.
Karmic Individual or Relationship Consultations
Live, Online One-on-One Past life Astrology Chat

I am offering this service for select clients. Please email regarding your situation, whether you have a specific relationship difficulty or are just curious.

Soul Path Past Life Reading
Individual Karmic Astrology Reading with Dena

Approximately 14+ integrated pages - allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Take charge of your life & build deep awareness of the Soul!

Regular price: $350 

I accept payment via check, Money Order, Paypal, or credit card. I like to 'speak' (via email) with all potential clients before deciding to work together so please contact me to schedule.

Regular price: $450

I accept payment via check, Money Order, Paypal, or credit card. I like to 'speak' (via email) with all potential clients before deciding to work together so please contact me to schedule.