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New Moon - Solar Eclipse Forecast
April 8, 2005

by Dena L Moore, Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer

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During this 5 day period, it is much easier for us to enter states of altered consciousness, so it would be beneficial to focus on meditation, spirituality, and our place in the universe at this time.  Deep insights are possible now that can give us the courage to make needed changes on our path.

It is said that we may feel a sense of lack during an eclipse as the energy of the sun is blocked and unable to flow properly…yet at the same time, we experience a build up of energy that can be used to begin new projects, new ways of being, and to push past obstacles that may have been holding us back.   This seems to be particularly true for a Solar Eclipse in the sign of assertive Aries.  During the 5 day period mentioned above, think about what you want to do, what you need to change in your life, and connect with the universe in any manner you are able to (prayer, meditation, ritual, spirit guides, angels, et al) to seek assistance.  The degree of this hybrid eclipse is 19 degrees and 6 minutes of Aries - as the planets and luminaries make aspect and contact this degree over the next 6 - 8 month period, you can expect changes decided upon during the 5 day eclipse period to continue to unfold…if you take action and take positive steps to manifest the changes you want to make while at the same time creating energy and situations to help resolve negative aspects of your life. Likewise, as this eclipse is part of a longer eclipse cycle that started in October 2003, you may see a continuation of change brought about since then.  If you want to take control of your direction, and you can with this eclipse, focus inward during the 5 day eclipse period and then take direct action until the Full Moon (and Lunar Eclipse!) on the 24th.

The Sabian symbol for this Solar Eclipse is “The Magic Carpet.”  What does this phrase mean for you?  Is this a positive or negative symbol?  Think about this as you consider what you want to change in your life. 

On a personal level, things could become quite explosive in relationships as misunderstandings in love are quite possible with Saturn and a retrograde Jupiter in the picture.  If a relationship seems to be turning sour, be patient in your actions and your assessment of the situation.  You may be (or your partner may be) overreacting, expecting too much too soon, or just be in a generally disgruntled mood.  I must say here that if things have been going particularly wonderful with your lover as of late, there is also the chance that one or two bubbles will pop now, leaving you more firmly on earth together.  The realities of relating may seem intrusive or painful, but if you want to establish a firm relationship the only way to do it is by seeing each other and the relationship in a realistic light. Ongoing, long-term relationships may sputter now as well, so be patient with yourself and your partner. Keeping a positive outlook will go a long way toward helping you navigate this rough spot in your relationship.  If you are feeling threatened or out of sorts, spend time alone doing things that you love to do…things that make you feel good about yourself and your place in the world.  Creative endeavors should be looked upon as a way to relieve stress now…if you create something of lasting value, so be it, but don’t expect it on the eclipse days.  In other words, if you are an artist (in any realm - music, writing, painting, cooking, etc), enjoy what you are doing but don’t pressure yourself to create a grand masterpiece.

Use this eclipse to awaken to the changes that are needed in your life, changes that will promote a freer spirit and a more joyous soul.  Our relationships may be undergoing some changes, but unless there are very serious underlying problems, we can use the 5 day eclipse period to generate positive energy within ourselves that will radiate out and touch the lives of our loved ones as we begin to take action and improve our lives.  A bump or two and a slippery patch on the road doesn’t have to spell disaster unless you lose control and steer off course.  If there are serious problems in your relationships, then things may begin to unravel now, and the Lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 24th will only serve to cast more dirt on an already buried box.

Make the most of this energy!  I've written a New Moon - Solar Eclipse ritual for Creative Exploration
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Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2005
19 degrees 6 minutes Aries
4:37 pm EDT

On April 8, 2005, the New Moon in the sign of Aries will align herself between the Sun and the Earth at an angle which will result in a relatively rare type of solar eclipse known as a ‘hybrid.’  A hybrid eclipse is an eclipse that is a combination of an annular and total eclipse, which is seen differently from different parts of the world on the eclipse’s path.  A Solar Eclipse amplifies the power of the New Moon tenfold, so this is a New Moon/Solar Eclipse to pay attention to.  During eclipses, and generally from about 3 days prior the exact time of the eclipse and up to 2 days after the eclipse, we have a more difficult time paying attention to daily, mundane life.