Scorpio Sexuality - the sexiest sign, the mysterious erotic partner - intense & passionate Scorpio man and Scorpio woman
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The information on Scorpio Sexuality is based on the Sun sign (works for the Moon & Ascendant sign as well) and will not accurately describe any individual although if you are a Scorpio, or a Scorpio will see some of yourself  (or your lover) or at least your fantasies here.

Scorpio is an enigma.  Unless you are strong Scorpio yourself, it is fairly safe to say that it is nearly impossible for you to truly understand the Scorpio.  We hear about Scorpio being the sexiest sign, the mysterious partner, the vengeful destroyer...these are all true to some extent, but Scorpio is also the redeemer, the protector, the monk, nun, and aesthetic.  The Scorpio is powerful and in control, and he or she can channel and sublimate their enormous sex drive into their career, art, or even their religion (thus, the Scorpio monks and nuns).  Passion is the keyword for this sign--they are passionate about everything that is important to them.  There is a duality about Scorpio which affects every area of his or her life; you will find yin and yang, God and Lucifer, Heaven and Earth all wrapped up in a condensed package known as the Scorpionic Soul.  Is it any wonder that quite a few Scorpios are bi-sexual?  Even if they have never experienced sexual intimacy with a same sex partner, it is likely that something about their sex turns them on--be it breasts or the turn of the female ankle for the Scorpio woman or the hairy arms or rich voice of a man for the Scorpio male.  Whether they admit to this or not depends greatly on their upbringing and the depth of their need for self-preservation (in the form of secrecy, even from themselves!).  It also depends on whether he or she trusts you or not, and if you are important enough in his or her life to share this with you. 

The Scorpio house is the 8th house of the zodiac, a house that is ultimately one of the least understood.  This is the house of surrender, true surrender.  But how can this be, you may be asking, when every Scorpio you know has been down the River Styx (in one way or another) and came back to tell the tale?  Scorpios do not give up--ever.  So how can Scorpio be about surrender?  To a determined Scorpio, surrender (when misconstrued in a negative context) maybe a frightening word, but it is this very fear that compels them forward.  They are always searching for surrender in some form, be it surrender to the self or surrender to a higher power.  If you think about it carefully, you will realize that sexuality is a combination of the two.  Sexuality is everything to Scorpio, and it is not the act itself that is of ultimate importance, but rather the surrender of the self to another and the act of self-discovery through other.  Sex can become an all consuming, repetitive, and ritualistic act for Scorpio.  No other man is as fond of sexual gadgets as the Scorpio Male!  And, honestly, any object can become a sexual gadget when a stimulated Scorpio is around.  Feathers, leather, whips, chains, food, blankets, batons, name it, it can be sexualized.  Sex can obviously become an obsession for some Scorpios who have too much Pluto and not enough of the taming nature of Capricorn(Saturn) or Pisces (Neptune, in a spiritual sense) as a strong counterbalance in their nativities. 

To the Scorpio female, sex is a fuel, just as food or water is.  It is simply a necessary part of life.  An exciting part of life, yes, but truly necessary.  She can be rather dominating and demanding sexually, and she has a tendency to consider every angle of her sexual involvements from a position of power--as in, who is in control?  Who has the power over whom?  Is he (or she) trying to manipulate me?  Her intuition is keen and she uses this gift in the bedroom to please her lovers.  She will often know just where to touch her lover, just how much pressure to apply, where to put her lips.  Sexuality is second nature for the Scorpio woman.  She is intensely passionate and she has something many of the other signs do not--a great capacity to abandon herself fully to her sexual needs and desires.  Sensuality delights her and she will touch, taste, suck, nibble, stroke, sniff and explore her lover's entire body.  She will not shy away from a challenge--in fact, she lives for them!  She may fantasize about (or actually indulge in) role reversals, where she is the penetrating partner rather than being the receptacle. 

This can be accomplished with strap-ons, dildos, or simply the tongue or finger.  Men can be powerfully afraid of this woman, who embodies elements of Lilith incarnated.   I could say that the Scorpio woman is willing to experiment, but it would be an understatement.  She needs variety in all areas of her life, but particularly sexually.  This can mean multiple partners from time to time, but only if she is not involved in a love relationship.  Obviously a love relationship is not to be mistaken for a marriage relationship, as we all know that marriage and love do not necessarily go hand in hand.  Her experiments in the sexual arena could terrify some of the other signs.  Nearly everything goes--she will try anything once.  She isn't afraid of a little blood, and she may in fact be even more aroused while on her period.  Multiple orgasms are the standard, rather than the rare event.  Her sexual stamina can outlast anyone--ANYONE--including the Scorpio Male.  She is a sexual powerhouse, so if you don't think you can satisfy her or if you aren't willing to experiment and abandon yourself to desire, it may be best to stay away.

The Scorpio male sees beauty where others refuse to look.  This means that he can find nearly anyone sexually attractive in some manner.  He can see deeply and isn't focused so much on looks and surface appearances as some of the other signs.  He shares this trait with the Scorpio female.  He expects loyalty and faithfulness, and often will give you the same (if he loves you).  This is a sexually adventurous soul, but he is not generally sexually promiscuous.  Trust is always important for Scorpio, and is even more important for the Scorpio male sexually.  He must feel at ease with you to share his true needs.  Whereas a Pisces man will divulge his sexual fantasies only too readily, the Scorpio man will test you every step of the way by exposing little bits and pieces and gauging your response. One false move and you will be looking at a one night stand.  If that is all you are after and it is clear to the Scorpio man, he may take you up on your offers and a good time will be had by all.  But if you are venturing into the depths of negotiating a relationship with a Scorpio male, you will soon realize that you are sharing much more of yourself than he is.  He will not let you in until he feels safe; this includes clueing you in on his sexual desires.  What does he do when he is alone?  Masturbation is high on the list.  He has all sorts of ways to do this, but he doesn't need any help.  He does like to explore his sexuality with gadgets, as I mentioned before, but this is more with a partner than alone.  He will masturbate in the men's room at work or in a restaurant if someone has stimulated him sufficiently.  Although other signs will be uninterested in sex for a while after stroking off, Scorpio won't.  His solitary practice seems to only enhance his performance at home.  This man will try anything once, and if he likes it, he will keep doing it.  Scorpio men are very visual and they want to see things up close--this includes your most intimate anatomy.  If the thought of having your lover investigate and explore your body with his eyes scares you or turns you off, then look elsewhere.  He will love watching you masturbate and he will also love masturbating for you (on you).  Don't be shocked when he catches his semen with his hand and tastes it before smearing it on your body (and then licks it off).

Scorpio Sexuality text by Dena L Moore, Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer

All photographs are copyright and are used with permission.

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