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What others are saying about my work:

Wonderful imagery...Magical...Very Expressive and Visual...

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Professional Review for Fluidity of Creation:

Poetry in Sidereal Motion
Reviewer: Keith D. White, Ph.D.
from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg 

Dena L. Moore's poetry seems to have the ability to change the motions of the stars. Moore rearranges primal thoughts -- much like the gods rearranged the constellations to tell humanity new stories. Such efforts as "Closure" and "Here I lie...Waiting" give us a more intense light to follow when we have lost our way in the darkness. ...
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Burning Constellations - by Dena L Moore
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Scopes from Venus Erotic Love Horoscopes - Exploring Love, Sex, & Relationship - Dena L Moone,
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