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Relevant for anyone with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant (Rising) in the sign of Sagittarius

Sagittarius Male

Sagittarius likes to keep moving.  Commitment isn't generally a word he feels comfortable with as his need for adventure is strong.  Ties to a house and family can really make him antsy.  He can leave a string of broken hearts behind him a mile long and not even be aware of it--he thought they were only friends (never mind that they were involved sexually for months or even years).  He falls in love easily, too easily.  He knows how he is and that's why he prefers to keep things on 'friends only' terms.  Somehow he manages to get married despite this and he is dismayed when his partner expects more of him than he can deliver.  His adventures will always be closer to his heart than any woman because he becomes bored easily.  Sexually, he wants spontaneity and would prefer it outdoors.  He doesn't need sex as regularly as some of the other signs.  Some may even prefer thinking that they are spiritually above such physical needs.  Transcendence is what Sagittarius is seeking, of everything mundane.  This man is certainly a 'free spirit'.

Sagittarius Female

Life for Sagittarius is a made up of episodes of adventure.  She is always in a hurry and always looking for something more exciting.  This woman loves life.  Her dreams are of dancing, or even floating, through life surrounded by friends and adventure.  She is generally outgoing and attracts many friends of both sexes.  Early in life she may go through a period of experimentation with men, but she eventually settles down into a commitment with someone as adventurous as she.  Very good-natured and eager to help, she is a great friend.  Men may fall in love with her easily and she very likely has at least one failed marriage, if not several.  This is because she isn't the image of a 'wife' they expected--she doesn't like thinking about the pile of laundry or cooking or scrubbing the toilet.  She wants, like the Sagittarius male, to transcend such practical deeds.  Sexually, she is very much like the male--she wants it to be a spontaneous occurrence, preferably outside, in the woods or on the beach.  She can be quite scattered with her energies, and this can wear her out to the point where sex becomes the last thing on her mind.
Talisman of Jupiter - Sagittarius Ruler
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Talisman of Jupiter - Good Fortune, Luck, Wealth, Strength of will and character
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