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Voices From Venus: Spiritual psychic readings, guidance, tarot, and oracle readings

Venus Illuminated...Gifts for the Soul

Persephone's Bliss

Venus Illuminated offers gifts to aid you on your spiritual journey...gemstones, incense, reiki and gemstone candles, spiritual jewelry, all natural bath products and so much more.  Always adding new items!  Please stop in for a visit...Venus Illuminated is a subsidiary site of Through Night's Fire Astrology
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Choose from 50+ Powerful, Personalized Ritual kits!
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About Rituals

Rituals are a wonderful way to get in touch with your spirituality and help you to feel more confident in the outcome of any situation.  They help bring the positive energies of the universe into your life and make what seemed impossible, possible..  My rituals could also be
called spells or magick...and they DO work!  That is the most important thing.  Everything I write for others--call them spells or rituals--are similar to what I work personally.  My rituals are simple yet leave plenty of room for those with more experience to adjust to suit his or her own needs. The rituals can be performed by anyone, and more importantly, can work for anyone who has faith in the outcome (sometimes even for those who lack faith!).  I only work positive magick based on astrological timing and planetary placements.

All of my kits at Through Night's Fire Astrology are now only available as Personalized kits.  These are unique rituals based on YOUR birth chart and the transits (how the planets are affecting you at this time in your life) to your chart. As soon as I receive your request and your birth information, I will write a personal ritual for you, including the best days and times to perform the ritual for your own personal intent.

Ritual & Spell Kits
See indexes (below)  for Sales

Personalized, Astrologically timed Ritual Kits based on your personal birthchart

All rituals are written by Dena L Moore - All ritual kits are timed, created, and charged
by Dena personally

The Personalized kit includes:
(most of the kits will contain the following items; however, not all of the kits are the same or will include the same items.  For instance, some kits have 3 or 4 candles but no herbs.  Others may have more herbs but no stone.  Or a kit may have 2 or 3 stones and only one candle.  Every kit is unique.  Some kits will have more items than other kits - it all depends on your situation and what is needed.)

2 Reiki-charged, hand-selected candles or 1 pillar candle
(All candles are first class, handcrafted and charged candles)
1 appropriate Gemstone
1 appropriate herbal blend of up to 3 herbs
5 appropriate handrolled incense sticks or a package of 8 in a box
Pre-ritual cleansing which is a commercial cleaning for the soul, reiki-charged bath salts or all natural,
handmade and charged soap
1 Ritual based on a specific intent (AND birthchart and planetary transits)
Full instructions
Personal support information
ANY additional items I feel are needed, including but not limited to
magickal oil, a sigil, a charm, and/or a sachet.

To see what kits I offer, please choose a category from below

Love, Sex, Relationship, Friendship, and Fertility Spells and Rituals

Improving Life Circumstances, Finances, and building a base Spells and Rituals

All of the following are available but I am still working on the pages! Email me if you need more information or if you have a particular need.

Spiritual Growth, Spirituality, Inspiration, Divination, and Karma Rituals and Spells

Protection, Courage, Strength, and Cleansing Spells and Rituals

Healing, Calming, Soothing, Creativity, and Relaxation Spells and Rituals

Planetary, God, and Goddess Spells and Rituals

Holiday and Sabbats - Rituals and Spells
Other pages/items

Full Moon Ritual
UK/Ireland Astrocalendar
US Pacific Astrocalendar
Australia EDT Astrocalendar

The Unique, the Cruel, the Creative - Read my blog!

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US & International
All rituals are timed for all US time zones, UK/Ireland/GMT, & Australia EST
Each Death Draws Us Closer - DARK LOVE POETRY by Dena L Moore
Transitional & Karmic Healing, Astrology, Karmic Readings, Healing, Metatron Channeling
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