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Pisces Male

There's something about Pisces that attracts both the highly evolved and the lowest of the low.  If he had the capacity for sorting the good from the bad, his life would be much easier for him.  He wants to think the best of everyone and it takes some hard knocks to wake him up.  He needs to transcend the everyday race and he often does this by studying esoteric subjects.  Pisces is creative but prone to bouts of disillusionment and pain, especially where women are concerned.  He has no trouble finding women or even getting them to fall in love with him; the trouble is that he needs to be sought after; he needs to be the object of his woman's fierce desire.  In our society, this is hard for women to understand and even harder for the Pisces to explain. The Pisces male is not
exactly a masters in communication. Because he is waiting for his woman to make the moves, and she is waiting for him to make the moves, well, it isn't very healthy for him.  He is often left out in the cold with nothing but his fantasies of their perfect life together to keep him warm.  He exudes a brand of misty sexuality that keeps women in suspense.  Very giving and erotic in the bedroom, his sexual expression may border on self-sacrifice.  The woman who does manage to capture him is bold, aggressive, and willing to put her heart on the line.  She will be rewarded with an amazing man who will teach her about mysticism while he paints her portrait in shades of the watery realm in which he swims.

Pisces Female

This woman is the epitome of romance.  Lace, candlelight, floral arrangements ...anything that seems out of the ordinary to her.  She wants to be loved and has to be protected.  Very psychic, yet prone to disillusionment, she has a hard time separating fact from fiction and an even harder time facing the daily practicalities.  Because of this
it would be better for the Pisces Female to pursue an education on campus compared to trying to complete online MBA programs. She, like her male counterpart, exudes an aura of sexual mystery.  This is what attracts so many men to her; they are trying hard to capture her elusiveness.  She can be fascinating without trying.  Her emotions are like a roller coaster but she never loses her faith in her partner or in life.  She will withstand many traumas in life, but each one hits her hard and tends to weaken her resolve--in times of crisis she will become even more dependent on her faith and her partner.  The Pisces is creative and she can expend many of her fantasies successfully through music or artistic expression.  Sexually she is self-sacrificing and giving to her partner; the problem with this is that she may not have the ability to communicate her own sexual needs to her partner and her mystical sexual expression will be squelched.
Goddess Pentacle-
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