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Dena, I  just wanted to thank you for my Soul Path reading. Throughout my life I have been very skeptical towards previous life readings, psychics, clairvoyants or anything along those lines. However when a friend of mine had her reading done by you I must say I became very interested. Well I was shocked and amazed when I received my reading. It is hard for me to explain what I felt after reading it, but so many questions I had about myself were answered, why I do certain things, why I am who I am, things that I have been so unsure of for so long. You have helped me in ways that only a few people in my life have been able too and I am sincerely grateful. I am looking forward to having more readings done in the future.

C.F  , Burlington, VT USA
"Dear Dena,
Words will never do justice to the gratitude that my heart holds for you. I read your interpretation of my soul's path...and it brought me to tears. Not only because it was so accurate, but because I was glancing at these lives and "remembering" if you will all that my soul had experienced...

Thank you will forever stay in my prayers."

FC, Florida, USA
I found the Soul Path reading enabled me to see important parts of some of my past lives, shedding light over recurring behavior and relationship patterns that I am working to improve.  It was a precious tool in my extensive route towards self-knowledge.  Caution: it is not for the faint-hearted!

Thanks to your psychic gifts, I was taken on a tour of some past lives’ relationships I had with someone who is performing an important role in my present life.  This enabled me to have a much clearer view of the scenario, improving behavior patterns of former relationships in this life and having a more judicious basis for decision-making towards the person in question.

SC, Brazil
"Hi Dena,

Thanks so much for the karmic reading and free yearly forecast. I needed a few days to read it a few times and reflect on your advice. Each time I read your synastry reading, I have a new realization or awareness about the relationship.

I've been looking for a more spiritual and meaningful astrological reading for quite a while and your insights and style of writing appealed to me a lot.

I must admit that I wasn't sure at first whether it was possible to do a past life reading without any direct contact. I never expected that you would be able to pinpoint so accurately the recurring fears and emotions between us. You did an amazing job with the reading."

SC, Hong Kong
"Thank you Dena.  Your insight helped me to step back and come more out of love than fear."

Thank you' are two words in the English language which are meant to convey appreciation and gratitude for service rendered or assistance given.  In this instance, they in no way can convey the overwhelmed, amazed and happy state of my heart and mind on receiving and reading your sexual compatibility reading. Your ability and accuracy in highlighting the positives, the possible pitfalls, the character of the individuals concerned, getting into their strengths, fears, innermost desires and hopes, your true and positive guidance about now and the future, your strong yet caring, intelligent readings, covering all aspects of relationships, are so accurate in detail,deeply inspiring and above all: PRACTICAL and HELPFUL!" 

CK, Australia
"Talking" with you on your one on one online chat service is so real, so immediate, so 'right there'.  Its as if youre steadying hand is reaching out to offer me support while we have a cup of coffee together. It feels close as if we are together and you have known me a long time. You offer comfort as if we are friends, yet you are mpre .  Its like you have the wisdom of the ages within you which you offer in a gentle, yet direct way,  You are a mentor, a teacher, a guide and most generously a sharer of wisdom which can and does benefit me, in my most important relationship, and my day to day dealings.

You instantly identify issues in my life and you offer forthright wisdom objectively, Your wisdom is a gift which I use as a practical "tool" in my relationship.  The touch of your steadying hand stays with me long after our chat is done.

CK, Australia
Dena, The reading was dead on! Its amazing! I had to bring my friends in here, who observe our relationship daily, and they were amazed! It highlight the issues that we are dealing with at this moment! You are amazingly accurate and I love how the reading was written! You had to use alot of intuition to be that dead on! You will hear from me again, probably an online consultation because you have really earned my trust! It was completely worth it for me and already has helped some of my issues.

Thank you so much for your hard work on this! 

LH, Texas, USA
"VenusKitty, you not only pinpointed and addressed nearly every aspect of my concerns about the relationship, but even more importantly you also helped me understand what was going on behind the scenes. You gave me the insight in your consultation that has lead me to have a profound breakthrough in my spiritual growth by helping me to directly understand the karmic effect each person has on another and how the laws of cause and effect play out in relationships across multiple lifetimes..."

J, New York, NY USA
Dena, your readings are opening my eyes and changing my life.  It's incredible.  And you've never met me!  You are so precise it's mind blowing.  Thank you so much and may the blessings that come about from the reading you gave me come back to you. 

Love, Claire
Florida, USA
Wow!! I'm VERY impressed with the reading.  You have me crying my eyes out just by the feeling of knowing that what your wrote is sooo true.  I read it again and again and everytime tears rolled down my eyes from recognizing that deep connection
and strong bond that we have and that you have confirmed.

California, USA


Your readings were a great source of information and enlightenment.  So much more personal than the computer generated reports that are available through other websites.  I can better understand where he is coming from and why.  These reports will enable us both to work through the tensions in the relationship and to cherish the harmony between us that much more.

Thank you for your website.

New Mexico, USA
Hi Venuskitty,

Thank you SO much for the amazing report. I didn't expect it to be so detailed. It's fascinating to read about past lives and very reassuring to know that we're destined to be together.

Thanks again, you're amazing!

My very best,
England, United Kingdom

"Well, Dena, you've got glowing testimonies on your website that I'm not at all surprised to see, having experienced you for myself. 

Although I've already said it, thanks again from my very soul for helping me today.  I have a normally clear head with great vision, but this issue with my love life had me fully run into a brick wall and although I want to come out of the initiation successfully, I doubt if I'd have done it easily without our talk today.  Very clarifying."

KW, California, USA