Sun-Moon: Aspects such as the conjunction, sextile, and trine between the Sun and Moon indicate harmony between two people.  A Male Sun conjunct a Female Moon is a major factor that can indicate a long term, possibly a marriage, relationship.  A tense aspect such as an opposition or a square points to conflicts in the way the individuals sense life, but these aspects are often growth aspects wherein the two people have much to learn from the other.  The opposition is found in relationships because 'opposites attract'--we seek what we need.

Moon-Moon:  Positive aspects and conjunctions between the two moons in a synastry chart shows inherent understanding of each others inner emotions and is very good for a relationship.  The tense aspects show that the two people may have difficulty understanding each other emotionally.  Depending on how the two people handle this difficulty and other chart factors, the relationship could become one of growth or could eventually lead to a separation.

Venus-Venus: Positive aspects and conjunctions between Venus' show that the two people view love in a very similar way.  Conjunct Venus' are often found in long term relationships.  This is because the two individuals want the same type of love relationship--they give and receive love in the same manner.  Tense aspects can be difficult to overcome.

Venus-Mars:  The Female Venus conjunct the Male Mars shows that the woman naturally accepts and feels appreciated by the way the man approaches her.  This is a very beautiful aspect to have in the synastry chart and can lead to marriage.  The other positive aspects and the Male Venus conjunct Female Mars are also conducive for romance, although the Male Venus and Female Mars conjunction can make some men anxious as this is a role reversal--the male receives the female rather than the other way around.  Tense aspects can lead to the Venus individual feeling overpowered by the Mars individual, who may appear as very aggressive and demanding.

Conjunct Ascendants show that the individuals have the same goals and objectives in life.  They are heading in the same direction and have a very intense understanding of each other.  Other indicators of romance include the Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars of one partner conjunct the Ascendant of the other.

Saturn conjunct or opposite the Sun, Moon, or Venus: A relationship with this factor is going be a long-lasting, rather sober relationship (of course a wild Uranus aspect in the synastry chart can change this!).  There is much to be learned from one another, and Saturn is not always the teacher.  Saturn can be very fearful of the Sun, Moon, or Venus--perhaps feeling unworthy of the other's love, or scared the other will surely hurt them.  Of course this can also work the other way, with the other planet feeling fearful of Saturn, but it is usually Saturn who fears the most.  The Sun, Moon, or Venus must be very patient and learn that Saturn's restrictions are based on this subconcious fear.  This aspect in the synastry has the potential to become the foundation on which a couple can build a permanent union.  This is a karmic aspect, and many times the two souls have been sexually intimate in a previous life.

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by Dena L Moore, Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer

For the purpose of this page, I consider conjunctions to be positive.  Although conjunctions are usually called 'hard' aspects, the conjunctions between the planets listed here in reference to love and relationship compatibility are significant and positive in nature.

Short list of aspects referred to on this page:

Conjunction     0 degrees
Sextile          60 degrees
Trine           120 degrees
Square          90 degrees
Opposition   180 degrees

There are several factors an astrologer looks at to determine compatibility.  I will touch on a few very basic generalizations

Love has its reason, which reason knows nothing of...

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