About Cancer!

Relevant for anyone with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant (Rising) in the sign of Cancer

Cancer Male

Home is where the Cancer heart is.  He is afraid of rejection and won't make a move unless he is nearly positive that the woman he wants is on the same wavelength as he.  Cancer never takes love lightly and if they have reasons to feel insecure (or even think they have reasons) they will become clinging and oppressive.  This man is very sensitive, intuitive, and wants a permanent relationship with all the trappings, including, more often than not, children.  Once he has sex with a partner, there is an expectation of commitment right away.  He will not indulge his sexual desire unless he trusts his partner (unless other personality traits rear their heads--like a Gemini Sun or Moon).  What he needs more than anything is a refuge from the world, where he can be himself.

Cancer Female

Like her male counterpart, sexual intimacy implies commitment.  She is very anxious in relationships, and if she feels slighted, she will pull into her shell and her partner will suffer the silent treatment.  She is feminine fragility, lace, and home-cooked meals.  She is very intuitive, possessive, clingy and often finds herself comforting men fleeing from other past loves.  Cancer wants to find a stable man with good earning potential.  She will be happy to stay at home with the children, but can become resentful when she finds herself carrying the bulk of the responsibilities in the home.
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