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The Cauldron Erupts! The 3rd Jupiter - Saturn opposition, March 2011

Pallas Athene in the Natal Chart - Unlocking Doors to our Future

Bite the Poisoned Apple - The Dark Side of Moon & Venus in Aspect

The Cauldron bubbles – the 2nd Jupiter – Saturn Opposition, August 2010

Summer Solstice, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and Solar Initiation - Setting your mark & hitting the bull’s eye

The May 23, 2010 Jupiter-Saturn Opposition and the potent relationship brew - Love Forecast

Venus, Saturn, a New Moon & the Love we’ve all been searching for - Love Forecast

Scorpio Sexuality - Now Updated

Venus in Love, Sex, Relationships, & Magick - Now Updated

NEW! The Starving Soul & How to Feed it - Breaking Barriers to Love

Connections...Using Astrological threads to create deeper intimacy & understanding in our relationships

The Fear of Venus in the Modern World ~ Learning to Love

Love and Saturn Retrograde ~ Overcoming intimacy problems

The Number 4, Love, and Death

The Number 7, Love, and Contrasting Forces

Mercury, Karma, & Retrogrades

Misconception of Soul Mate

Ascendants in Love

Planets in Love

Houses in Love

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Zodiac Sexuality

Sex in the 12 Houses

Dangerous Love

Saturn-Neptune Connections

Saturn in Relationships

New Moon / Solar Eclipse Forecast - April 8, 2005

The Orisha Oshun ~ African Venus ~ Sweetwater

Self in Love


About Synastry

Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to love...

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