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Read about the Void of Course (VOC Moon) and see the EST conversion chart here
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Astrocalendar - July 2014 US EDT
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Through Night's Fire Astrology is dedicated to exploring love, karma, soul growth, and relationship.
TNF Astrology is an evolutionary astrology site dedicated to exploring the effects of love,  karma, & relationships
on our Soul's growth
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Dangerous Love, Sacred Love: The Dance of Saturn & Neptune in Karmic Love Relationships - A Karmic Book of Love by Dena L Moore

Dangerous Love, Sacred Love: The Dance of Saturn & Neptune in Karmic Love Relationships

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Crescent Moon in Leo (Fire) goes VOC at 6:00 am and ends at 5:24 pm. Moon enters Virgo (Earth). Mercury turns direct at 24'23 Gemini (Air) at 8:50 am.
Waxing Moon in Virgo (Earth).
Waxing Moon in Virgo (Earth). Venus quincunx Pluto.
Waxing Moon in Virgo (Earth) goes VOC at 12:21 am and ends at 5:43 am. Moon enters Libra (Air). Sun opposition Pluto.
First Quarter Moon in Libra (Air).
Waxing Moon in Libra (Air) goes VOC at 11:31 am and ends at 3:33 pm. Moon enters Scorpio (Water).
Waxing Moon in Scorpio (Water). Venus sextile Uranus; Venus quincunx Saturn.
Waxing Moon in Scorpio (Water) goes VOC at 6:32 pm and ends at 9:24 pm. Moon enters Sagittarius (Fire). Venus square Chiron; Sun square Uranus; Sun trine Saturn.
Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius (Fire). Sun trine Chiron.
Waxing Moon in Sagittarius (Fire) goes VOC at 8:19 pm and ends at 11:24 pm. Moon enters Capricorn (Earth).
Waxing Moon in Capricorn (Earth).
FULL MOON at 20'03 Capricorn is exact at 7:25 am. Moon goes VOC at 9:56 pm and ends at 11:07 pm. Moon enters Aquarius (Air). Moon square Uranus; Moon sextile Saturn; Moon sextile Chiron; Moon quincunx Venus; Moon square Mars; Moon opposition Jupiter; Moon quincunx Mercury.

Full Moon Ritual
Moon in Aquarius (Air). Mercury enters Cancer (Water) at 12:45 am. Venus trine Mars.
Waning Moon in Aquarius (Air) goes VOC at 3:23 pm and ends at 10:40 pm. Moon enters Pisces (Water).
Disseminating Moon in Pisces (Water).
Waning Moon in Pisces (Water) goes VOC at 8:57 pm and is VOC for the rest of the day. Jupiter enters Leo (Fire) at 6:30 am.
VOC ends at 12:07 am. Moon enters Aries (Fire).
Last Quarter Moon in Aries (Fire) goes VOC at 10:18 pm and is VOC for the rest of the day. Venus enters Cancer (Water).
VOC ends at 4:43 am. Waning Moon enters Taurus (Earth). Mercury trine Neptune; Sun square Mars.
Waning Moon in Taurus (Earth). Saturn stations direct at 16'38 degrees of Scorpio (Water) at 4:35 pm.
Waning Moon in Taurus (Earth) goes VOC at 10:12 am and ends at 12:36 pm. Moon enters Gemini (Air). Uranus turns retrograde at 16'30 degrees of Aries (Fire) at 10:53 pm.
Balsamic Moon in Gemini (Air). Mercury square Pluto; Sun enters Leo (Fire) at 5:41 pm.
Waning Moon in Gemini (Air) goes VOC at 8:53 pm and ends at 10:59 pm. Moon enters Cancer (Water).
Waning Moon in Cancer (Water). Venus trine Neptune; Sun conjunct Jupiter; Mercury square Uranus; Mercury trine Saturn.
Waning Moon in Cancer (Water) goes VOC at 9:53 am and is VOC for the rest of the day. Mercury trine Chiron; Mars enters Scorpio (Water) at 10:25 pm.
VOC ends at 10:55 am. NEW MOON enters Leo (Fire) and is exact at 3'52 Leo at 6:42 pm. Moon square Mars; Moon conjunct Jupiter.

Moon in Leo (Fire) goes VOC at 8:37 pm and is VOC for the rest of the day.
VOC ends at 11:37 pm. Waxing Moon enters Virgo (Earth). Venus opposition Pluto.
Waxing Moon in Virgo (Earth).
Waxing Moon in Virgo (Earth). Sun quincunx Neptune.
Crescent Moon in Virgo (Earth) goes VOC at 10:47 am and ends at 12:09 pm. Moon enters Libra (Air). Mercury enters Leo (Fire) at 6:46 pm.

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Notice: July 2014 is the final month for the Astrocalendars. Thanks to everyone who has used them for the past 12+ years.
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