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About Aries!

Relevant for anyone with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant (Rising) in the sign of Aries

Aries Male

Aries wants to be the leader, he wants to be in charge.  He will say he wants complete honesty, but often this is more of a ploy to get what he wants.  What he wants is a conquest, and the more of a challenge the female presents to him, the more eager he will be to win.  Aries does not want to hear about any past relationships, and he wants to know that he is the best, the only, the perfect male.  He is impulsive, eager, and very ambitious. With such qualities you won't know what he's up to next. Maybe even a spontaneous vacation to the likes of Punta Cana Dominican Republic and the Mayan Riviera. Sometimes Aries has difficulty with sexual expression and a partner who is patient with his anxieties is what he needs sexually.  He also needs spontaneity to hold his interest.  Once he has won and is comfortable in a relationship, his partner will often find that underneath Aries aggressive demeanor is a very sentimental man.

Aries Female

Aries wants to be first and she has no qualms about being independent.  In love, Aries women are confrontational and she expects any man she is involved with to be just as independent as she is.  She doesn't want any homey ties and won't settle down until she is satisfied with her accomplishments in the world.  When it comes to relationships, she can have problems because she isn't patient enough to let nature take its course.  If she wants someone, she lets them know with certainty.  She really isn't into lingerie or any of the other feminine dressings (unless she has a strong sun or moon in a feminine sign like Pisces).  Like her male counterpart, she can have problems with sexual expression--it can make her feel vulnerable and she hates that.  She wants the perfect relationship, and if she can't find it, she is capable of going it alone.
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